About Us

Get to know us!

We are a small family run business in South Wales, UK. We make handmade bath and body products, homewares and gifts!

All of our products & ingredients we source are always cruelty free we feel so strongly against animal testing. At Pickalili we care so deeply about our planet and we're always learning and growing as a buisness. We strive to always think about ways to be as environmentally as we can in anything we do including our packaging.

We believe that self care is so important and taking time to treat yourself should excite you not make you feel guilty spending money on you! This is why we make the best products possible at an affordable price.

Why the name Pickalili Beautique?

My Mother calls my Daughter her little pickle. She always has and it's stuck as her nickname.

When we started the business we wanted a name to include her and be special to us so the name Pickalili Beautique was born, we're different, unique and we think our name represents that.