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All things wax, Eco soy wax that is!

Hello my lovelies! Today I want to talk about all things Eco soy wax and why I love it so much! As you all know I'm all about doing my bit for the environment it's a huge passion of mine. When I started making candles and melts I didn't have a clue that there are SOO many different types of wax! To me wax was wax and it must all the same right?! wrong!

There are a tonne of different types of wax to use while making candles and melts and ensuring you choose the right one for you is so important to how your end product turns out. If you use the wrong wax it can not blend with your fragrance oils correctly, the burn time will be different, even down to how it holds shape if you're using moulds for melts ( I learned this one the hard way).

My absolute favourite is Eco soy wax and heres why:

It's cleaner burning

There are no toxins, pollutants or nasties to cause allergies. Its all natural and extremely environmentally friendly and sustainable than using paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is derived from fossil fuels, which are a finite resource. Worse still, burning fossil fuels is terrible for the environment and just not what Pickalili is all about.

It's Biodegradable and water soluble

Our melts and candles are naturally biodegradable which makes spills easier to clean with just hot water and soap. Once the melt has burned the fragrance and you're ready to pop in a new melt to your burner they are safe for disposing of and won't be a pollutant for the environment so they're guilt free!

You get a longer burning time

Soy wax has a longer burning time because it burns cooler than paraffin wax. Soy wax also holds and blends with fragrance oils much better so you get a longer and stronger melt, win win!

Handmade natural floral soy wax melts
Natural Soy wax melts

Overall it's cleaner burning, longer lasting, natural and kinder to the environment. So when you purchase a candle or melt from us you're helping the planet so you should give yourself a pat on the back!

With a huge increase of demand for melts and candles in our homes it's so important you know what wax your burning because of its long term effects not only to your health but for our planet too.

I hope this has been something new for you and given you a little look into the thought process and reasons why I make the things I do and how. So next time you're melting our bars or candles you can relax a little extra knowing they're made with natural, toxin free ,vegan, cruelty free wax.

Leah x

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