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How I started my own kitchen garden throughout lockdown.

Hello lovely! I wanted to share a post all about our kitchen garden and how we got started this week. I don't know about you but lockdown last year was hard. Not only because of the obvious, but for me I closed my store and gave my keys back just 2 weeks before the pandemic hit, I had such big plans for moving my beauty treatments mobile and working on getting my website launched and getting stock out to lots of new suppliers then bam! everything stopped all at once.

Instead of spiralling into a black hole of anxiety I decided to spend lots of time out the garden with Pickle and Mat and we're so lucky we had a garden to escape to. Being outside was my calm and for the first time in a long time I wasn't busy and didn't have my usual over whelming pressure to hit my goals and targets for each month.

I decided to grow some flowers and veg with Niamh because it gave us something to do and to get excited about as we watched them grow. My Mother and her Partner are keen gardeners so we got some seeds and small plugs they'd started and off we went. We grew sunflowers, peas and strawberries and we loved it so much. My Aunty gave us mint plants and that started my herb garden obsession. Once everything was ready to be harvested it was gone within a week! So we decided next year we need to grow more to make it last.

Autumn came and I was reading up and planning what I'd love us to try next year and Pickle was choosing what she'd like to grow it was so good for our mental health and again it gave us something to look forward to. I couldn't wait to get out there next Spring and get started, Mat suggested I use the space behind out shed which backs onto the river because its so pretty and relaxing down there so it was perfect, also it has some shade and the rest of our garden is a suntrap.

Jump forward to now and its like a little farmers market and I'm over the moon! We went big and this year we're growing a little bit of everything, I'd love to write a few more posts on what we're growing and tips and tricks I've learned along the way. It really is a labour of love, I'm definitely more a veg, fruit and herb kind of girl than flowers and landscaping but I'm slowly learning about it as I go. If I had it my way the entire garden would be a kitchen garden but for Mat and Pickles sake I'm planting flowers too.

Aside from families help I've discovered some amazing Instagram accounts and blogs for inspiration and advice. If your new to the gardening world give Kitchen Garden - By Katie (kitchengardenbykatie.com) blog a read, shes so helpful and such a lovely person.

My next post I'll be talking all about how to start a kitchen garden on a tight budget and lots of things which you already probably have for free to get you started and all the things we're growing in ours.

I'd love to know if you've fallen in love with gardening too and if you have any tips or tricks please do share them with me I'd love to know. You can send them to me on my Instagram or send me a message on here.

Have a lovely week, hope you're all enjoying the sun!

Leah x

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