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How I started my handmade business Pickalili Beautique.

How it all started

Hi lovely! My names Leah, I'm the creator of Pickalili Beautique! I've been wanting to start a blog for Pickalili for so long and I thought what better way to start it off than a post explaining why it all started.

I wanted to create a brand and handmade business I loved that would make people feel good about themselves, help to relax and unwind with all of my core values and passions all into one.

One Christmas Mat gave me a box of candle wax, fragrance oils, and bath bomb ingredients ( unusual presents I know) but I was so delighted and excited to get making! He knew I had wanted to start making products for so long and this gave me the little push I needed to get creating.

Weeks later Pickalili Beautique was created! The name was chosen carefully, I wanted something that was unique and meant a lot to me. Pickalili was my Mothers nickname for my Daughter when she was a baby, so it was perfect. The name means so much to me and it drives and pushes me because every time I say the name I think of her.

Our Values

The products had to be just right, they had to make you feel good about yourself, and they had to be affordable. I strongly believe self care isn't selfish. We all deserve and need those little moments each day to make us feel good and it shouldn't cost a fortune or make you feel guilty about treating yourself.

Self care is so important and taking time out of your day to light a candle and relax, or run a bath and unwind, this is important and shouldn't be considered a treat its a need.

It was also extremely important every product was cruelty free and made with ingredients that are not and never tested on animals. Being as environmentally friendly as possible, and really thinking about packaging and the impact my products would have on the environment over how pretty I can make them at no thought of my plastic use etc.

The business has grown over the three years, and it continues to change and evolve all the time! I'm so excited I get to share my journey it with you all!

Leah x

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