Tips and things I've learned on my gardening journey

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Today is all about gardening and amazing little hacks and tips I've learned along the way from my green fingered family and a few amazing accounts on Instragram and fellow bloggers. In my last post on How I started my kitchen garden I talk all about how my love for gardening started and things I grew last year and how this year I was determined to do lots more. In this post I want to share things I bought that won't break the bank and all the things I used I already had at home for free!

Houses and beds

Greenhouses and plant beds, these two things are probably top of the list with things that are expensive and can put you off starting but it doesn't need to be at all. Plastic grow houses and green houses are perfect for starting off and mine has been a game changer. They're usually around £25-£50 we got our big green house from amazon and our tomato grow house from home bargains I believe that one was £10. Plant beds to grow your veg/herbs and plants in can also be extremely expensive. I called into my local furniture recycling centre spoke the lovely manager there and explained what I was looking for, she took me out the back and showed me this big wooden crates that things had been delivered in. They were perfect and deep enough for everything to grow and they are slightly raised off the floor, I honestly couldn't believe my luck when she said the extra large one was £15 and the slightly smaller one was £10!! They even delivered them for me I was so grateful. Sometimes all you need to do to make things a lot more budget friendly is look at things and how to purpose them in a different way and most of the time they work out better and a lot cheaper! Those beds would cost me in the £100s if I had gotten them online or from a garden centre. Mat also made me an amazing one with two levels out of pieces of scrap wood we had in the garden (It also helps lots if you have a handy person willing to build you things to save on costs).

Alternative beds and pots

To keep costs down with your pots and beds for smaller plants I will use anything I can turn into one. Drainage holes are a must for any pot or bed and making them is easy with a drill. Once that's done you're good to go, I find plastic tubs and metal containers are perfect and I don't line them with anything beforehand. Here's a list of things you can easily turn into beds and pots.

  • belfast sink- They make the most gorgeous planters and have drainage! win win!

  • toy boxes - I've used one of Pickles old plastic Lego tubs from when she was little as a planter for my peas.

  • buckets - I find these are perfect and so effective for herbs or strawberries.

  • food tins- Perfect for growing little windowsill herb gardens.

  • old watering cans - Sprayed and painted these can be such a statement in the garden.

I'll be writing another blog post to avoid this one becoming too long for you to read in one go. Next post will be about compost, seedling trays and lining.

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