Tips and things I've learned on my gardening journey -Part 2

Hi lovely

Following on from my last post this will be more on things I've learned on my gardening journey to make life easier and my bank balance a little happier. If you've not yet read my first post just click this link - Tips and things I've learned on my gardening journey

Compost and lining - If your anything like me you'll find yourself forever buying compost, my Mother taught me the best hack ever with what to do with the bags. The bags are always thick and black lined inside, cut open the bag to make it fit the size of your planter or bed, poke holes for drainage and staple or securely attach into your planter/bed. They also make amazing potato grow bags.

Toilet rolls and plastic containers - There are so many seedling pots and trays filling the shelves at garden centres and they can be pretty expensive for what they are. I keep the cardboard rolls from our empty toilet rolls and they make the best seedling pots. Once the root system is big enough simply make a hole in your bed/pot to fit the whole cardboard roll and place that into the soil. I also keep all my plastic containers that our fruit and meat some in from super markets. They make perfect sized trays to keep the cardboard tubes in. I make small holes in them to allow for drainage when watering.

Trays or large plastic tubs- I was struggling to bottom water all my tomatoes/ courgettes and strawberry plants. We had an old rabbit cage by the shed, I washed it out and used the bottom tray to fill with water and it makes the perfect size to fit my pots to water. I also use an old plastic dinner tray. These are perfect for saving time, your back, and ensuring the roots and plant are getting a good water. I also have some plastic fruit/veg trays, these have holes all throughout them and are perfect for transporting my pots around and I can leave them in there while watering and simply pick them all up in one go when its time to move them back into the greenhouse.

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